- Right to Practice

The Commission is under the auspices of the Syriac-Greek Antiochian Synod of the Orthodox Catholic Church, and canonically protected by the North American Canon Law Society, and is therefore a religious exempt organization. Those who meet the requirements of the Commission and are licensed, enjoy the right to freely practice their art under the norms and canons of the Commission, including those representing the medical arts, chiropractic, oriental medicine, psychology, spiritual counseling, naturopathy, nutritional counseling, reflexology, and other areas of natural healing.

Religious liberty is recognized and understood in all fifty States, and the Commission makes certain that its licensed practitioners are afforded the right to practice their vocation. Licensed canon lawyers, offer guidance in various matters including registration of practice, disclaimer preparation, and guidance in issues related to issues of State and Ministry. As a theocentric healing art, practitioners may freely practice their vocation so long as they do not violate the "Code of Professional Responsibility and Ethics". You are encouraged to write for application and more information, and feel free to ask questions of us.

 - Annual Conference
The annual conference of the Commission on Religious Counseling and Healing is held close to the Feast of Saint Panteleimon. Various topics and guest speakers are introduced and periodic attendance is encouraged of all members. This conference can also be used to fulfill CEU requirements.

 - Other Benefits
In addition to membership and licensing in a national (religious exempt) healing organization, you will receive an annual directory and listing, newsletter, photo identification card, office disclaimer and other materials, guidance from licensed canon lawyers, pamphlets, manual, and corporate discounts provided by other organizations on dental benefits, car rentals, vision care, and more


 - Scope of Practice

To give an idea as to what is covered under a particular license heading, we hereby offer the following brief outlines: Chiropathist, Meridian Healing, Aromatherapy, Touch Therapy, Anointing, Nutrition Education, Fitness Counseling, Herbal Education, Bio-Meridian Analysis and Education, Hyperthermic Therapy, Darkfield Microscopy Education, and other approved "hands-on" therapies defined and approved under this vocation; Chiropath, all previously named therapies plus Nutrition/Herbal Counseling and Supplementation, Relaxation Massage, Prayer Therapy, and Spiritual Counseling; Licensed Religious Counselor, Prayer Therapy, Meditation, Behavioral Modification. Faith and/or Spiritual Counseling, Occult Deprogramming or Exit Counseling, Nutrition Education, and other counseling or education areas defined under this vocation and as approved.

 - Fees
1. One-Time Application Fee: $50
2. Annual License Fee: $400
3. Continuing education - Members must complete 15 hours of continuing education through either St. Mark's Seminary and College or from another approved institution. Members can receive all 15 of these credits by attending the annual conference.


Applications for membership can be downloaded HERE

When you submit your application, you will be requested to include a Bio-Data (curriculum vitae) which includes your professional, educational, and life experience. Be sure to include supporting documents (e.g. transcripts, certificates, etc.) A reviewer will determine if you have the education and/or experience required for membership and can recommend what education may be needed.

You can pay your fees online using PayPal using this link.

Applications are reviewed by a canon lawyer to make certain that all required supporting documents have been attached and that the person is eligible. Then the application is reviewed by peers responsible for making certain that the applicant qualifies for licensure. The process takes about 2-3 weeks.

If your application is denied, your membership fee is returned, however your application fee is not. Applicants who are not accepted are advised as to how they can remedy a deficiency and can reapply within sixty (60) days without having to pay the application fee again


Commission on Religious Counseling and Healing
456 Nimick Street
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