Application Fee:                                  $50
Annual Membership:                           $400
Additional Service Fee (First Year):     $75
Additional Service Fee:                        $50

Commission Fees
Other Amount:

When you submit your application, you will be requested to include a Bio-Data (curriculum vitae) which includes your professional, educational, and life experience. Be sure to include supporting documents (e.g. transcripts, certificates, etc.) A reviewer will determine if you have the education and/or experience required for membership and can recommend what education may be needed.

Applications are reviewed by a canon lawyer to make certain that all required supporting documents have been attached and that the person is eligible. Then the application is reviewed by peers responsible for making certain that the applicant qualifies for licensure. The process takes about 2-3 weeks.

If your application is denied, your membership fee is returned, however your application fee is not. Applicants who are not accepted are advised as to how they can remedy a deficiency and can reapply within sixty (60) days without having to pay the application fee again.


Commission on Religious Counseling and Healing
456 Nimick Street
Sharon, PA  16146
(724) 308-6218