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The concept of theocentric counseling and healing in our jurisdiction has one of its roots in the early 1930's, which originated from Joseph Rene Vilatte's vision, as an Archbishop and Chiropractor, to see theocentric holistic healing earn its respected place in society. Originally, there was no official name or licensing of such healers that was open to those who were members of the Orthodox Christian Church. This idea became dormant, especially after his death. However, first in 1959, and finally in 1980, plans were underway to continue his dreams and provide an organization based upon solid principles and centered on theocentrism, having good ethics and sound practice norms that would serve those who seek such counsel.

Since 1986, the Commission on Religious Counseling and Healing has accepted into membership all eligible healers and counselors who believe in the theocentric holistic philosophy and profess that: "All healing comes from God as a blessing (or grace) to the affected person through the hands or intervention of the healer." Licensed practitioners know that it is not they who heal, but God who is the Divine Physician and Healer, and they are merely His instruments. The Commission has two main categories: Religious Counselors (open to theocentric-oriented counselors, psychologists, and psychotherapists); and Healing (open to theocentric-oriented chiropathists, chiropaths, and other healers who use nutritional counseling and hands-on therapies to assist with the healing process and holistic balancing of humanity). The Council on Chiropathy was first registered with the California Secretary of State on June 2, 1986. It was joined to the Commission in 1990, but remains a separate entity under its supervision which awards doctors of Chiropathy the Fellow of the Council on Chiropathy. The Commission is under the omophor (auspices) of the Syriac-Greek Aniochian Orthodox Catholic Church.